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5 year old has enlarged lymph node on neck

22 Jun 2022 17:41


hope you're well and just after some advise or anyone who's been in the same situation.


3 weeks ago my 5 year old had a very bad cold/sore throat/ oral thrush and impetigo. I noticed a swollen lymph node on left side of his neck feels rubbery and is flat and moves when I touch it. He still very stuffy now but also runny nose at the same time. He is still on his antibiotic cream For his impetigo rash around his mouth. I sent a photo to my doctor of my sons neck to my gp who said he will see him in 6 weeks if it hasn't gone down. I just can't help but worry. It hasn't got bigger it's stayed the same since he's been poorly. The node is only really noticeable when he turns his head. He has no other symptoms and is perfectly fine in himself and going to school etc. 



5 year old has enlarged lymph node on neck

23 Jun 2022 00:45 in response to Clariss27

My kid used to get this after being poorly - very noticeable and stuck out. It's not unusual following illness and doctors only tend to get concerned if they don't go back down again.

My nephew had some persistent ones that required some scans but they were fine also.


5 year old has enlarged lymph node on neck

23 Jun 2022 07:00 in response to Applebee

Thank you for your reply it's put me at ease a bit. 

5 year old has enlarged lymph node on neck

23 Jun 2022 11:42 in response to Clariss27

Hi Clariss,

Applebee already said as much but lymph nodes do swell in response to infection and it's not uncommon. I know someone who's glands swell this time of year due to allergies, and someone else who had one swollen lymph node after COVID. For some reason, it's more common for them to swell in some people vs others. I don't know why that is! Most of the time swollen lymph nodes go down on their own and are no real cause for concern. You mentioned it moved, which is reassuring, since lumps that are firm and do not move tend to be of greater concern

Obviously get it checked if it doesn't go down - but I imagine in a couple of weeks or so it will have gone on it's own. Hope your son is feeling better soon!