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32 years old, Referral to urgent clinic - scared

1 Aug 2020 11:27



I need somewhere to vent because I don't want to talk too much about this with my family and partner as I don't want to further worry them. 

I found a hard lump on my left breast at the top near my arm pit when I was in the shower. It feels kind of hard and odd shaped and it doesn't really move too much. Sounds weird, but I know my boobies! I've had two kids and breast fed them, I had mastitis (horrid) and I even had this weird nipple infection a few years ago. I know what they feel like and this just felt oddly different. I have also however, just lost 3 stone over the course of the last six months, so I wondered if perhaps my breasts just felt different because of that with less fatty tissue? Anyway, I was really on the fence about going to see the GP as I felt I was being overly dramatic (especially right now with all of the Covid 19 stuff going on in the background) and it is likely nothing, but something odd within me just took over and I found myself sat on the bed in my towel just out of the shower making an apppintment. It's so weird ... out of character for me to do something like that. 
I had a tel consultation and then she asked me to come in right away. The GP was superb and gave me a thorough examination. I just went so she could say "it's just ABC ... nothing to worry about. Be on your way". But she agreed it felt an odd texture and was in a suspicious place. She immediately referred me an urgent clinic to be seen within two weeks. 
I feel really weird. Like I'm very much like "I'm sure it's nothing" but then my mind is darting occasionally with thoughts like "holy cow what if it is" ... I have two small children (5 and 7). The thought of anything happening to me and leaving them is unbearable.   
I'm also scared about what's going to happen when I go? I've been told about an ultrasound scan but then she said they may also do a biopsy and then everything I've read, is about how freaking painful that might be. (And I'm a big wuss!) 

My mind is going to ten to the dozen basically. I'm a pragmatic person in the main, but I'm struggling to not worry until I know... that's what my boyfriend keeps saying to me. 


Anyone else in my boat right now? 





32 years old, Referral to urgent clinic - scared

1 Aug 2020 12:58 in response to CharlieLou

Hi CharlieLou,


I'm in the same position as you at the moment and know exactly how you feel. I'm at the hospital on Friday and terrified. I was referred as a urgent referral and the GP didn't exactly reassure me everything was going to be ok. The waiting is horrendous, I've two young children aswell and keep thinking allsorts. Do you know when your appointment is? I'm trying to keep busy with work and keeping busy at home but it's really difficult to function normal. I'm here if you want to chat and support each other x 

32 years old, Referral to urgent clinic - scared

1 Aug 2020 13:08 in response to Luc22

Hi Luc22 


So good to hear from someone going through the same weirdness. Have they told you what would happen at your appointment? Do you have any other symptoms? 
No I only went to see the GP on Thursday so I haven't had my phone call yet, but she said it would be very soon. How long did it take for you to hear back? 

32 years old, Referral to urgent clinic - scared

1 Aug 2020 16:29 in response to CharlieLou

I've been to the breast clinic before about 6/7 years ago and was examined, ultra sound scan and fine needle biopsy and found out my results there and then all within about 2 hours. I've got a lump in my right breast towards the inside side this time, no other symptoms. I'm 37 now so not sure if will have a mammogram aswell . I went to the GP a week gone Thursday and looks like the doctors have booked the appointment straight away as had an appointment booked by the Monday. My letter came from the GP surgery rather than the hospital. I would think you should here something next week if you were there on Thursday xxx