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2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

21 Mar 2020 11:06

Just want appointment with hospital, had X-rays & blood test, letter from hospital confirming referral- then nothing. Hospital say they're waiting for consultant to look at results, that was 5 days ago.

I guess it's Coronavirus delays with Nhs, which I get. Socially isolating to be safe. Not told anyone as I don't know anything concrete. 2 family have virus too. 

just needed to share, have a moan . Hope everyone safe in these weird times xx



2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

21 Mar 2020 17:28 in response to Mermaid132

I hope you get your answers soon! 
fongers crosses it's nothing sinister!


keep safe, definitely avoid public!

wishing you the best x 

2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

22 Mar 2020 12:25 in response to Mermaid132


Usually anything in the 2ww is reported quickly (i should know as I work in Radiology and report!). If its anything like the system we run by they can flag unusual findings to be read as urgent. 

Ive just found that i have thyroid cancer and the scans were reported on the Friday and i was called the Monday morning, which is a good example of how ot works.

Hopefully as they say no news is good news and this can help reassure you?. Wishing you all the best!

2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

22 Mar 2020 12:55 in response to Becksxxx

Thank you  

2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

22 Mar 2020 13:06 in response to XrayCat

Thank you for taking time to reply, sorry to hear your news,hopefully full recovery soon.xx

It is very reassuring yes, I assume the worst but hope for best, That's all I can do for now. X

2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

22 Mar 2020 13:58 in response to Mermaid132

Hi Mermaid, sending you positive vibes and hoping that you get some information soon, defo the right thing to act "as if" you should self isolate, and like you say, we mottly crew are here, and the mods, and the nurse advisors too I hope unless they get pulled onto the front line. Waiting sucks, I get that, been there Im bugged that my follow up appts with consultant have been postponed until further notice. but thats all we can do. On a positive note, just went into the garden, and saw first ladybird of the season, just a little something, but sure we can support each other in these uncertain times.x


2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

22 Mar 2020 20:57 in response to Mermaid132

Hi lovely what appointment are you waiting for this waiting is just awful isn't it xxxx

2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

22 Mar 2020 21:06 in response to groovygranny


yes especially with virus and poor Nhs under so much pressure 

Am waiting for referral appointment following blood test and X-rays - (got 2 week urgent via gp.)

Receptionist at GP told me blood test showed abnormal cells when I rang for results and early diabetes. 



2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

22 Mar 2020 21:08 in response to poland19

Thank you xx

2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

24 Mar 2020 14:38 in response to poland19

Had call from hospital re scan appointment today. Unfortunately the particular hospital is a very long journey involving several modes of transport. The person who rang said it's a long way do you really want to travel. As am on No Visitors mode  (after surgery rang to recommend Saturday) I said no definitely not.

She's referring it back to Booking office to get me seen at local hospital which has same departments 

So still waiting - now 13 days since X-ray + blood test 



2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

26 Mar 2020 00:44 in response to poland19

Heard from hospital and they're sorting scan said they'd ring with 24hrs notice. It's now 2ww since GP visit X-ray and bloods

I requested a call from my gp today to ask about X-ray and blood results as only spoken to receptionist. I asked if the risk of travel for scan was more than risk of cancer etc She went through results for me

As mine is a suspected Sarcoma which is apparently very aggressive and rare she advised me to go. My lungs show nothing on X-ray thank goodness so it's the leg they want to scan. 

Just really want to know what's what now. Waiting sucks 

2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

26 Mar 2020 08:12 in response to Mermaid132

Hi Mermaid, sounds so difficult, \i wonder if there might be a volunteer scheme in your area, or even a patient transport system/hospital volunteer drivers who could be asked to support you with this,  I have another disease (perhaps) on top of cancer, its had me on steroids and disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs for 17 years, one of those is used to treat leukaemia. My specilsit clinic couldnt see me for follow up in December due to my surgery, it disputes local hospital diagonosis, and as local hospital hasnt had a permanent consultant in rheumatology since my original retired 5 years ago, and has has sequence of short term locums who know ****** all about Behcets disease, I lost confidence, they also filled my notes with stuff which wasnt about me, or was plain wrong, which I only discovered when I got referred to the specialist in birmingham who wanted copy of medical records.   anyway, they were brilliant, offered appt mid March, rang to ask if I am ill, if Ive had symptoms, and if I wanted to be seen. There was just me and woman from Bristol there, outnumbered by staff despite out partners.Both lots of us had gone in our own vehicles -  we all social distanced, everything including us was washed with antibac, and I got everything checked over, including detailed eye exams - if a hospital can offer you that, and treat you with kid gloves, ensure you are kept distant from other patients, and maybe help with transport, you need to decide what risk you want to take, Im not medically trained, but have heard of sarcoma. Its a hell of a choice you face, maybe if you can ring the hospital if  the local one can see you you can check what their views are.  I wish you well with this, and please let us know how it goes, all best x

2week urgent referral- now 10 days waiting

2 Apr 2020 20:37 in response to poland19

Hello, and thank you for reply. So many going through so much. ❤️

Just to let you know I finally have an appointment - for an Ultrasound - next Thursday. So 4 weeks to the day I had referred 2ww. They've made it at a hospital closer to me but still a journey. Just glad things are finally moving really.

Watching a lot of box sets to pass time and doing hour out a day. 

take care xx