Together we will beat cancer


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29 Apr 2019 14:09 in response to gloverbee

Always here.....come on now, get those boots on, make sure you have tissues....get it all

2nd time around

29 Apr 2019 15:02 in response to gloverbee

Hi there ...

Sorry I've been off for a while ...but Marlyn is looking after you ... she's amazing ... 

grandkids needed nanny time and vice versa ...

Well I've got everything crossed for you ... so I'm really hoping it's a high 5 time .. but if not ... there's lots of us on here, taking on that crule cancer ... cancer wants you to break and feel helpless ... yes it's really scary ... but being brave is feeling scared witless but still doing what you have to anyway ... that's brave ..

If it is positive, I've got a spare pair of boxing gloves ... they are a lovely pink colour ... for us breast cancer lasses ...  yes get those emotions out ... scream / cry / yell and once it's all out get those boxing gloves on and join us lot in the ring ... wer all there ready to knock cancer and get it on the ropes ... it doesn't want us strong ... but it's got another thing comming ... well kick it's ass ... together ...

But I'm still holding it's o.k ... sending you a vertual hug.... Chrissie xx

2nd time around

29 Apr 2019 17:25 in response to Chriss

Thanks Chrissie, just 45 mins before I leave.  Feeling sick to the stomach, but the walk this afternoon did me good and with the birds singing in the woods, it was lovely and certainly made me feel more myself.  Its just walking into the unknown.  You would think that having had it once before I would know, but it feels all new again.  I suppose I really feel cheated that its possibly come back.  Still as you say some nice deep breaths, and if it goes against me, then lets get on with it.  This is horrible.  My hands are trembling as I type this, what a state we get into.

Thanks for your support.  Now to face it

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30 Apr 2019 10:12 in response to gloverbee

Gloverbee, been thinking of you.....I do hope no news is good good news?? X

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30 Apr 2019 14:18 in response to gloverbee

Went to the Breast clinic yesterday night.....Had a mamogramm and ultra sound and it was CLEAR.....but there was a mass by the scar tissue from the previous tumour.   They had to contact the team who took the last mammogramm in 2014 and then check to see if the dark mass was there in 2014 and no change from then to now.

Just got the phone call and the breast nurse confirmed that its exactly the same and therefore no further action and both my breasts are clear.  I could not stop crying, I had to hand over the phone to my husband. I really thought I was going to go the same way as my mum all thoes years ago and that the cancer had returned after all these years.  I feel so lucky, but sad that you are all going through this.  My only thought to you is that I beat Breast Cancer with a bad prognosis 23 years ago.  You can all do the same.  Let the doctors do their bit and you can then concentrate on the whole of you and make that ready to take on the medication, the treatment.  Improve your immune system, give it the best chance you can and you can win through, like me.   Its true that the thought of Cancer never leaves you, but you guys have been terrific and have really helped me through this awful time.  God bless you all.

At a cancer centre I go to they teach us to find Gentle Giants to help us.  These are people that do not know they are your Gentle Giants but they are and they help different aspects of your journey.  This may sound odd, but they do come to you and often when you least expect it from a person you least expected.  My heart and well wishes go out to you all that are on this journey

Sheila  xx

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30 Apr 2019 14:27 in response to gloverbee

Oh Sheila...I'm reading your post through blurry tears of relief and happiness!!! I haven't been able to stop fretting for you....oh my....such a huge relief!!! Like you say, the worry will never leave us but by eck it was good to hear from you! Now....let's give thanks .....relax and breathe......phew....well done girly xxxx

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30 Apr 2019 14:30 in response to gloverbee

Well my hunny ... HIGH 5 TO YOU....

Take every day and look at things with new eyes ... see the good in the world ... stay close to kind gentle people .. keep away from angry moaners ... take life by the short and curlies.... they won't let me put the real word down ... and run with it ... 

I'm sure you'll come across others that are really scared and having tests .. you can give them the hope that there are good outcomes ... we all need that ... don't waist a day ... live... love ... laugh .. and be happy ... you go girl ....   big big big hugs to you ...  Chrissie xx 

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30 Apr 2019 16:38 in response to Marlyn

Thank you Marlyn,  I never thought I would be at this point.  Thank you so much for your support, so heartfelt and really appreciated.  You to will be like me and go on to enjoy many years of life.  I will keep onboard this chat line and help others like you helped me

sheila xx

2nd time around

30 Apr 2019 16:41 in response to Chriss

Thank you Chrissie.  Definitely a High 5 and now I look at my husband and know thank goodness he will not be on his own, not able to look after himself.  That has been my biggest relief and of course my 2 disabled grandchildren will not have to work out why I am not around.  Such a relief

I cannot express how grateful I am to you for all your support.  It saw me through these last week or so.

I have to learn to go slower, and give more time to the things that are important and let go of the ones that are not.  You are right about keeping away from the moaners of the world and just enjoy the lovely people.

Will keep onboard and hopefully I can give something back as well

Bless you and I pray you to will still be doing this many years down the line

xx sheila