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World Cancer Day Gallery Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 9th January 2018

What is the #UnityBand gallery (the “Gallery”)?

The Gallery is a collection of images provided by supporters of Cancer Research UK to show their at of unity for World Cancer Day.

The Gallery can be found using the Gallery URL (https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancerrightnow), and images from the Gallery will also feature on the campaign page (https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/rightnow-campaign).

How do I upload photos to the Gallery? 

There are two ways to make your photos available for selection to the Gallery (“Photos”):

  • upload them via Instagram or Twitter by using the hashtag #UnityBand (the “Hashtag”) alongside each Photo. We are able to find Photos by searching for the Hashtag, so please make sure your profile is public so we can find them; or
  • go to the gallery URL (https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancerrightnow) or any event page, click ‘UPLOAD A PHOTO’ and then follow the steps to upload your Photo. Either upload an existing photo from your desktop or mobile device or, alternatively, select the option to upload a Photo from your existing Instagram or Facebook account.

For Photos we would like to use that have been uploaded via Instagram or Twitter using the Hashtag, we will contact the sender for confirmation we may feature this Photo in the Gallery. We will do this by sending a public message to the sender via Instagram or Twitter (as applicable). To grant permission for us to use the photo, the user will need to respond “YESUnityBand”.

Please note we are unable to contact anyone who submits a Photo that is not featured in the Gallery, or provide reasons why we have not used this Photo. However, we are very grateful for each user taking the time to make your Photos available to us. 

How will my Photo be used?

By uploading your Photo for possible selection to the Gallery (and by responding “YESUnityBand” where your Photo has been submitted via Instagram or Twitter) you acknowledge and agree to the following:

1.    You grant Cancer Research UK a royalty free, perpetual, worldwide licence to use your Photo in the Gallery, on any page on the Cancer Research UK website (cancerresearchuk.org), any of our Cancer Research UK's social media platforms (including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and for any other commercial and/or fundraising purpose, which may include (but is not limited to) publications, advertising or other marketing materials (for example in emails or mailings);

2.    We may alter and/or edit your Photo in any manner, or combine your Photo with other materials, without seeking further permission from you; and

3.    that (i) you own the copyright and waive any moral rights in the Photo(s), or that you have obtained all necessary rights, consents and/or waivers from the owner to upload the Photo(s) to grant the rights set out in these Terms and Conditions; (ii) you are the person featured in the Photo(s) and/or you have permission from any person(s) appearing in your Photo(s) (and, if they are under 16, their parent or legal guardian as well) to grant the rights set out in these Terms; and Conditions (iii) you are 18 years or older; and (iv) our use of your Photo(s) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will not violate any other rights of any third party or any law.

Any information you provide in relation to the Gallery will be collected and maintained in accordance with our privacy statement.

What happens if I have a complaint about a Photo or want my Photo removed?

All Photos selected to feature in the Gallery will be publicly accessible. Therefore, if you believe a Photo on the Gallery is inappropriate, offensive or is violating someone’s legal rights then you can report the Photo by sending an email to cancerrightnow@cancer.org.uk. Once an email report is received, we may remove the Photo in question whilst we investigate further (which may include contacting the sender of the Photo for more information). We also reserve the right to remove Photos from Gallery at our discretion.

Please note that whilst we can remove Photos from the Gallery at any time, this will not necessarily erase its presence completely from the internet.