Justine's story

Justine and family

Justine went to her doctors after finding a very small pea-sized lump in her breast in July 2013.

The doctor recommended she get it checked out. She saw a specialist who referred her for a mammogram the same day. Straight afterwards he said they had spotted something and would need to do a biopsy. This was on the Thursday. On the Friday, the consultant phoned Justine at work to say he was sorry but she had a cancerous tumour.  

“At that point my world fell apart.  I was totally devastated and in floods of tears. I think because I had been so upbeat and confident the day before he was shocked at how devastated I was. He told me to get hold of my husband and come round to his house. By 5pm that evening, we were sitting at his house and he was reassuring me that the tumour was caught early. It was a low grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma which was hormone-led.”

On the following Tuesday, Justine had a lumpectomy operation and 3 Sentinel nodes removed to check whether the cancer had spread. Luckily her cancer hadn’t spread – and she needed six and a half weeks of radiotherapy and then tamoxifen. 

“I would say to anyone, if you have any breast changes you’re unsure about, go as soon as possible and get checked out. It could save your life.”

Justine raised over £1000 for Dryathlon.

“I would do the Dryathlon again if it meant saving a few more lives as not being able to drink is nothing compared to having cancer and suffering. One benefit I found was being able to get up with a clear head after a night out! Anyone can do it, although I did find it harder than I thought! 

But seriously, it was a great challenge. The Facebook forum really helped. Everyone was talking to each other – such a lovely and supportive community. In the end I raised over £1000 and I was delighted with this.”

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