Gemma's story


Gemma Buck was just 26 when she found out she had ovarian cancer.

Gemma just thought she had put on a bit of weight, but in May 2011 it turned out to be a tumour the size of a new born baby growing on her ovary.

After tests and a scan the results showed she had a lump that needed removing. In the end, the tumour was so large that the operation turned into a serious one and took around five hours. Gemma was only told her lump was cancerous when she went for her post op check.

“Thank goodness I had my mum with me. I was in a state of total shock. I was only 26 and yet I had ovarian cancer. I felt sick. The good news, however, was that they had managed to remove all of the cancer in the operation and so I wouldn’t need any further treatment. I just have regular check ups, every six months now, to make sure it hasn’t returned.” 

Gemma decided to take part in Dryathlon and raised a fantastic £206.

“I would do the Dryathlon again if it meant saving a few more lives as not being able to drink is nothing compared to having cancer and suffering.  One benefit I found was being able to get up with a clear head after a night out!”

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