Our returning shop volunteers

Paola, Elsie and Andrew have all come back to us recently. Read what they had to say about returning to their shop volunteering roles and why they are enjoying being part of the team again.

Tales from the shop floor

‘‘I couldn’t wait to return to my shop volunteer role as I really missed it.”

CRUK volunteer in shop

Paola, aged 53, is a volunteer Sales Assistant at our Glasgow shop on Victoria Road. She loves getting to know the customers and couldn’t wait to get back in the shop as soon as she could.  

‘‘I couldn’t wait to return to my shop volunteer role as I really missed it. I love volunteering, and our team get on really well.” 

‘‘On the first day back, we hit the road running. It was so busy with customers buying and donating goods. Time flew by, and we had long queues outside. Having a protective screen in the shop and only allowing three customers in at any one time is reassuring. Regular customers prior to lockdown have come in to say that they’ve missed us and how happy they are that we have reopened. It’s great to be back!’’ 

“I’m happy to be back."

CRUK volunteer

Elsie, aged 79, started volunteering with us in April last year.

“I started volunteering in the Cardiff Superstore as I needed to spend time with other people for a social life. I was counting down the weeks to when I could return and since I came back to volunteering after lockdown, Adam, the shop manager, has made me feel very valued which has helped me feel confident in returning to the shop.  

‘‘My highlight has been the atmosphere – it’s made us feel closer as a team.  

‘‘I would say to anyone thinking about volunteering with Cancer Research UK that you should give it a try as you will really enjoy it.” 

“I’m delighted to be back - I missed that bond with the customers.”

Face of a supporter

Andrew, aged 28, has volunteered in the Cardiff Superstore since May 2019.

''I was absolutely excited about coming back to my shop volunteer role – honestly, my life was lacking purpose. I loved my first day back after the shop reopened and feel happy with the measures the store has taken to make us feel more comfortable. The customers have been very kind.

''I started volunteering in May last year as I could never get a job. Volunteering was my gateway into work for learning new skills and it helps me give something back to society.''