Professor Steve Rannard

Developing new tech to improve chemotherapies

At the University of Liverpool, Professor Steve Rannard is developing a new type of technology to help tackle bowel cancer.

Chemotherapy is a cornerstone treatment for cancer that saves lives, but can have the unwanted impact of damaging healthy as well as cancerous tissue, which can lead to severe side effects. He’s hoping to develop a tool that will allow chemotherapies to be better targeted to tumours. At the moment, these drugs are contained within carrier structures to allow delivery of drugs to target cancer, while reducing the side effects.

Working with others at the University of Liverpool, he's aiming to develop a new technology – called hyperbranched polydendrons – which he hopes could not only reduce side effects from treatments, but also allow a higher dose of drugs to be safely delivered to the tumours.


Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool

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