Professor Simon Tavaré

Understanding cancer evolution

Professor Simon Tavaré is the head of the Statistics and Computational Biology Laboratory at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. The lab’s research programme focuses on how cancers change over time, helping us understand more about the different stages of the disease.

Tumour cells constantly change and evolve, so they are able to escape the effects of treatment and the body’s own defences. Professor Tavaré is using cutting edge technology to find out more about how different tumour cells do this, as understanding this process will be at the heart of developing more personalised cancer treatments.

Professor Tavaré’s lab is also creating statistical tools to help scientists studying cancer genetics to analyse their data. Gathering more information about the faulty genes involved in cancer will help doctors make better treatment decisions for patients.

Understanding how tumours change as cancer progresses will be a key piece of the puzzle when looking for new ways to tackle the disease and determine the right treatment for each patient, helping more people survive cancer.


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