Professor Karen Brown

Developing new strategies to prevent cancer

Professor Karen Brown is part of the Department of Cancer Studies at the University of Leicester. She’s using lab research and clinical trials to explore whether certain components of food could help fight cancer.

Some foods that commonly feature in our diet contain ingredients that may have anti-cancer benefits, like curcumin from the spice turmeric and resveratrol from grapes, nuts and berries. Professor Brown and her colleagues are therefore investigating whether these molecules could be used to develop new cancer prevention strategies, particularly for bowel cancer.

To do this, the team is looking at the effects of these ingredients on both cancer cells in the lab and healthy people, in order to pinpoint how they work. They’re also looking into whether curcumin and resveratrol could be used alongside existing chemotherapy drugs to make cancer treatment more effective, helping to improve survival.

On top of this important research, Professor Brown is Co-chair of the UK Therapeutic Cancer Prevention Network Group. By uniting a range of scientific and clinical expertise and research teams across the UK, the group aims to progress research on the prevention of cancer and develop clinical trials that can translate this work into benefits for people.


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Department of Cancer Studies, University of Leicester, Leicester Royal Informary