Professor Jude Fitzgibbon

Making lymphoma treatment personal

Based at Queen Mary University of London, Professor Jude Fitzgibbon heads a research group that focuses on blood cancers. Through their work, Professor Fitzgibbon is hoping to improve the diagnosis and treatment of a type of lymphoma called follicular lymphoma.

Cancer cells from patients with follicular lymphoma frequently have genetic faults which change the activity of other genes, switching them on or off. Such a change in gene activity is known as ‘epigenetic’, and this is the focus of Professor Fitzgibbon’s work.

Professor Fitzgibbon and his team will collect samples from patients with this disease and look for cancer-causing genetic mistakes, and then use this information to guide lab studies in which the researchers will test out drugs that target faulty epigenetic systems. Ultimately, Professor Fitzgibbon hopes to glean enough information to be able to design clinical trials in which patients with follicular lymphoma are given drugs tailored to their specific genetic faults, making treatment kinder and more effective.


Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Cancer biology

Centre for Haemato-Oncology, Charterhouse Square, London.