Professor Jonathon Pines

Investigating how cells divide

Professor Jon Pines is at the forefront of his research field, investigating the fundamental processes that control cell division and finding out how these can go out of control, leading to cancer. He is based at the The Institute of Cancer Research in London, and has been funded by Cancer Research UK for more than 15 years.

We are made up of millions upon millions of cells. But cells don't appear from nowhere - they must be created by the division of an existing cell into two daughter cells. Professor Pines is comparing how normal cells and cancer cells control this process, in order to pinpoint what has gone wrong in cancer cells.

Drugs such as paclitaxel (Taxol) that are used to treat breast and ovarian cancer are designed to target cancer cells that are dividing in an abnormal way. Professor Pines hopes that a better understanding of how cells divide will help to design better drugs and improve treatments for these cancers.

Using innovative approaches, Professor Pines is making significant discoveries that are of great importance for cancer research in the UK. His work is outstanding in the international arena of cell cycle research.

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