Professor John Neoptolemos

Improving cancer survival through clinical trials

Based at the University of Liverpool, Professor John Neoptolemos is Director of the Cancer Research UK Liverpool Clinical Trials Unit (LCTU). This world-class unit’s main aim is to design and continually improve clinical trials, ranging from early to late phase, which will find out whether promising cancer treatments will benefit people with the disease.

The trials developed at the unit focus on a number of different cancers, including pancreatic, blood, liver and breast, and also span a range of different types of therapy. For example Professor Neoptolemos, alongside Professor Paula Ghaneh, is heading the ESPAC-4 trial, the fifth in a series of trials aiming to improve survival for patients with pancreatic cancer. Currently, the outlook for patients with pancreatic cancer is poor, but by testing out a promising drug combination this important trial hopes to change that.

By developing better, kinder treatments for cancer, Professor Neoptolemos and the LCTU will ultimately help more people survive their disease and with fewer long-term health problems from side effects.


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Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit, Waterhosue Building, Liverpool