Professor James Larkin

Giving the body a boost against cancer

Professor James Larkin, one of our Senior Clinical Advisors, is a clinical researcher at The Royal Marsden Hospital where he specialises in the treatment of melanoma and kidney cancer. His research focuses on how we might use new targeted treatments that boost the immune system’s ability to fight cancer, known as immunotherapies.

Professor Larkin is leading a clinical trial that's combining conventional treatment with immunotherapy for people with advanced melanoma. He's looking at whether high doses of radiotherapy can enhance the effect of an existing immunotherapy drug by kicking the body’s immune response into action against tumour cells. Harnessing the immune system in such a way could be particularly effective for melanomas that have spread to other parts of the body. 

The kind of research that Professor Larkin is doing should help refine and improve the treatments that are currently available for patients, ultimately helping more people survive the disease.

Kidney cancer

The Royal Marsden/The Institute of Cancer Research