Professor Eyal Gottlieb

Targeting cancer cells' hunger for energy

At our Beatson Institute in Glasgow, Professor Eyal Gottlieb heads a lab that’s interested in how cancer cells make energy. By studying this, the team hopes to reveal new ways to target cancer cells and make treatments more effective.

As a tumour develops, the cancer cells within need lots of energy to keep growing. Normal processes in cells can’t keep up with this high demand, which is why cancer cells change the way that they make energy, to prevent themselves starving. Professor Gottlieb and his team want to know more about the alterations cancer cells make to their energy-production pathways, and the genes that are linked with these changes.

Through this important work, Professor Gottlieb could reveal new molecules or systems in cancer cells that could be targeted by treatments. On top of that, the work could also reveal new disease markers that could help predict patient outlook and show whether treatments are working.


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Garscube Estate, Bearsden, Glasgow