Professor David Cameron

Breast cancer clinical trials

Professor David Cameron is Clinical Director of the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, and specialises in treating breast cancer.

His research interest is in clinical trials designed to improve the outcomes for patients with breast cancer. This includes UK-based and international trials, and many involve work to improve our understanding of how and why treatments for breast cancers work. In the UK, he works with clinicians and scientists, including Cancer Research UK-funded teams at the University of Edinburgh and The Institute of Cancer Research.

Current treatments for breast cancer are often very successful, but sometimes the drugs stop working and the cancer starts to grow again. Some of Professor Cameron’s trials look at ways of combining the standard treatment with a type of treatment called ‘biological therapy’, in order to see if the combination can make the treatment more effective.

Clinical trials are important as they can change the standard of care and help patients all across the world.


Breast cancer
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