Dr Rosalind Glasspool

Finding better treatments for women’s cancers

Based at Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and working with our Clinical Trials Unit in Glasgow, Dr Rosalind Glasspool is running a number of important clinical trials for women’s cancers. Through her work, she hopes to improve treatments for women with ovarian or womb cancers.

More specifically, in one trial, Dr  Glasspool is looking at whether it is more effective to use a different drug to the standard chemotherapy treatments currently given to women with a rare type of ovarian or womb cancer called clear cell carcinoma. She is also investigating whether new drugs can safely be added to standard chemotherapy for ovarian cancers that have some back. If so, she and her team her team will go on to investigate whether adding a new drug also improves survival and quality of life for these women.

Ultimately, if Dr Glasspool finds that the new treatments are more effective and cause fewer side-effects than the standard chemotherapy treatment alone, then this work could change the way that women with ovarian or womb cancers are treated, helping more people survive their disease.

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