Dr Jurre Kamphorst

Finding new drug targets for pancreatic cancer

Dr Jurre Kamphorst is based at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute and the University of Glasgow. His research focusses on understanding how pancreatic cancer cells grow and using this information to identify new targets for therapy.

Tumours grow because the cancer cells that they are made up of divide uncontrollably. This rapid growth is hungry work and the cancer cells need a lot of fuel for the process. Dr Kamphorst’s team is studying how pancreatic tumours get hold of these nutrients, because often the blood supply can’t keep up with the increased demand, causing the cancer cells to seek nutrients by other means. 

Dr Kamphorst and his team will then use this knowledge in their hunt for molecules in cancer cells that are important for this process and could be targeted by drugs to starve cancer cells of fuel. 

With little improvement in survival over the past few decades, we desperately need new and effective treatments for people with pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer
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Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Switchback Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 1BD