PRECISION-Panc: Transforming Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

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With your help we can revolutionise treatment of pancreatic cancer and save more lives.


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Sadly less than 1 in every 100 people survive pancreatic cancer for ten years or more and research into treatment is severely lacking. 

It’s the 11th most common cancer in the UK but the lack of symptoms early on in the disease means it’s notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, and it can often go undetected until it’s developed into a later stage. Because of this patients tend to have only one treatment opportunity, so it’s vital we get it right – first time.

Will you invest in PRECISION-Panc?

PRECISION-Panc is our ambitious new research project aiming to change the face of pancreatic cancer treatment. By building a data base using the molecular profiles of pancreatic cancer samples, our researchers are identifying how different subtypes of the disease react to different therapies. They hope to create personalised treatments for patients and identify the right options for each individual, ultimately saving more lives.

But we need your help to continue investment into this pioneering project. Will you partner with us and give a gift today? With your help we can save more lives.


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