Recent Activity

Twins Helen and Deborah in Race for Life t-shirts

Stars in our stores

Diyan sitting on a red carpet

Six of our young supporters have featured in a poster campaign in our CRUK shops across the UK in support of the CRUK for Children and Young People campaign.

Anneeka, Georgia, Diyan, Ed, Darcy and Charlie have all received our Star Award, which recognises the courage of children who face cancer.

They starred in a six-week campaign in our stores and Diyan’s mum Kam said: “We’re so proud Diyan is a poster boy for this campaign.

“The fact that he’s been in shop windows all around the country is mind-blowing.”

Deborah and Helen

Twins, Deborah and Helen at Race for Life

Identical twin sisters Helen Wagstaff and Deborah Montgomery, 44, came on board as media volunteers in 2016.

They shared their story after both were diagnosed with the same cancer Hodgkin Lymphoma – 15 years apart.

Since then they have helped the charity out by raising awareness of numerous campaigns, such as World Cancer Day and Race for Life.

Recently Helen and Deborah were chosen by a film crew to appear in our new Race for Life TV advert which was shot at their local Leeds event.

They can currently be seen in the advert on our TV screens and on posters and publicity materials throughout the UK.

Social Media

Nevo, pictured

Nevo (pictured), Daniel and Andrea have been amongst the Media Volunteers appearing on our Social Media pages in recent weeks.

Social media is a powerful way to connect with audiences and interact with supporters. Thank you to all our Media Volunteers who have helped with posts.

Science Museum

David and Alice

After its successful stint in Manchester, the Cancer Revolution: Science, Innovation and Hope exhibition has opened at the London Science Museum with media volunteers like Dave Sims (pictured with his wife, Alice) attending the launch night.

Dave's brother Mark, who died in 2017, was part of the innovative PEACE study. The exhibition runs until January 2023.

Share your story

Applying to be a media volunteer will take about 30 minutes. Before you start, please have details of your cancer experience, diagnosis and treatments (as applicable) to hand.

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