About the CRUK-RCGP Partnership and Cancer as a Clinical Priority

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Between 2012-2020, CRUK and The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) worked in partnership on its project ‘Cancer as a clinical priority’.

The partnership enabled GPs to understand cancer and primary care matters through its programme to educational activities.

Since 2012, Cancer Research UK worked in partnership with the RCGP to promote models of best practice and pathways of care and develop learning and educational resources.
The main purpose of this Clinical Priority project was, through a range of educational events, resources, information, advice, and influencing, to:

  • Raise awareness about the pivotal role of general practice in cancer control
  • Improve the capacity and capability of general practice to ensure appropriate recognition, management and referral of patients in primary care
  • Ensure that cancer control in primary care reflects the changing landscape of primary care, maximise this opportunities this presents, and aligns with the General Practice Forward View

The partnership between CRUK and the RCGP has enabled each organisation to positively influence the other to strengthen the role of primary care in cancer control, and has allowed us to achieve much more together than would have been possible separately.

RCGP CRUK Partnership Impact Overview

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