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Find the answers to commonly asked questions about the Excellence in Research programme.

Excellence in Research is a programme designed to support all clinical research nurses working on cancer trials by:

  • Providing and signposting to education and news on the latest cancer trials and treatments
  • Facilitating communication, collaboration and best-practice sharing
  • Supporting their professional development
  • Building a community of clinical cancer research nurse experts
  • Recognising your valuable contribution to cancer research
  • Communicating your important role in delivering cancer trials and patient care 

At Cancer Research UK, we recognise how tirelessly clinical research nurses work to deliver vital research aimed at beating cancer sooner and improving patient outcomes. And yet, you report feeling undervalued by the wider clinical and research teams. You want more education on cancer trials and treatments, and to feel better connected with your peers.

And that’s why we’ve set up Excellence in Research. To support your learning with the latest cancer news and education, and point to new and existing development and training resources. To encourage and facilitate communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing between clinical cancer research nurses. We want to provide you with a forum to connect with nurses delivering clinical cancer trials across the UK and make you feel part of an expert community. 

You’ll have access to cancer-specific education and trial news, bite-sized learning and clinical research nursing development, information and resources all in one place. Sign up to the programme’s newsletter and receive updates on our educational content including study days and training, and useful resources for you and your patients. We’ll highlight other relevant revalidation activities and continuing professional development (CPD) facilitated by other organisations and partners. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from research nurses working on clinical cancer trials across the UK, share your experience, and get good practice tips and advice.

Yes, absolutely. The programme is for all clinical research nurses working on cancer trials, not just those at Cancer Research UK centres or on trials funded by Cancer Research UK.

Whilst Excellence in Research is primarily for research nurses working with patients on clinical cancer trials, other practitioners in the clinical research team may find some of the education and professional development resources and opportunities shared helpful.

If you’re not a nurse but involved in delivering new cancer treatments and support to patients as part of a clinical trial, see our education and professional development section

Signing up for the latest news, information, and opportunities from the Excellence in Research programme is easy. simply provide a few details about your role and interests in our sign up form.

Yes. The programme launched with a day of educational talks and workshops at the Francis Crick Institute in London and gave clinical research nurses the opportunity to meet colleagues and peers from across the UK. Look out for the news and information about upcoming activities and events and materials and tools to support setting up your own workshops and meetings in your local area or region.

No, the Excellence in Research programme is for clinical research nurses working with patients on clinical trials, and does not offer funding for academic research projects or PHDs.

Yes, you can add Excellence in Research e-learning and educational activities you participate in to your revalidation portfolio. Where possible, Excellence in Research will offer accredited courses. To include evidence of your participation in any Excellence in Research courses, activities and workshops, download the latest revalidation reflection form from the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Excellence in Research is a programme for clinical research nurses, by clinical research nurses. We want to hear from you. We welcome all your suggestions, ideas, and comments on the programme and we can support you to grow your expertise, skills and knowledge. Send us your comments by email us.

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