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CRUK RCGP faculty workshops are educationally focused workshops to support ‘jobbing’ GPs to enhance their role in primary care and cancer control, and gain RCGP academic credit.

The aims of the workshops are to provide clinically relevant updates and evidence based focus on cancer prevention and early diagnosis. As well as providing the latest developments in cancer research, prevention and early diagnosis in primary care.

Workshops typically have between 30 and 50 GPs and are supported by local RCGP faculties and CRUK teams.

The agendas are developed in partnership with CRUK, RCGP, local GP cancer network leads and CCG commissioners, and provide opportunities to showcase local projects and developments. These workshops are interactive and include a mix of expert presentations and group discussions. At each workshop there is also the opportunity to meet local health professional facilitators who are able to support practice visits and offer other support to general practice if required.

Evaluations of the workshops are collated annually. An evaluation of our 2016 faculty workshops identified some key learning which informed planning for the 2017/18 events.

Key ‘take homes’ about workshop activity were:

  • Significance of a lowered positive predictive value (PPV) of 3%
  • Relevance of raised thrombocytosis (raised platelets) and cancer risk
  • Relevance of haematuria as a symptom of both urological and endometrial cancer
  • Relevance of a full blood count for patients with haematuria
  • Importance of using a weighted 7 point score for pigmented lesions
  • Importance of safety netting and support offered by the CRUK health professional facilitators
  • Awareness and use of educational tools including the CRUK oral and skin cancer toolkits and CRUK website
  • Opportunity of a negative cancer diagnosis as a ‘teachable moment’ to prompt patient behaviour change
  • Appreciation that some cancers can be prevented through reduction of risk factors and the importance this has in primary care

See the evaluation of our 2016 faculty workshops

In 2018/19 and as part of the cancer as a clinical priority work programme CRUK and RCGP will  support in partnership 6 Faculty Workshops for ‘jobbing GPs’:

Bradford 29th November 2018,

Birmingham 31st January 2019,

Luton 6th February 2019,

NI Belfast 13th May 2019,


In partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

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