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What is the Strategic Intelligence Forum?

The Strategic Intelligence Forum (SIF) facilitates a dialogue between regional cancer organisations such as Cancer Alliances and national providers of intelligence, about how data is being used to support achieving the ambitions in the NHS Long Term Plan, through informing service planning, evaluating impact and, ultimately delivering improved outcomes for patients. It is a one-day event bringing together decision makers and intelligence providers in Cancer Alliances and newly emerging structures such as Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Systems.

The last event took place on 27 January 2020 at the Francis Crick Institute. Through a series of case-studies, presentations, group and panel discussions, we explored various key themes, including:

  • Interventions to help achieve cross-organisational objectives i.e. faster diagnosis standard and the early diagnosis ambition, equal access to and quality of treatment, improving patient experience etc.

  • Strategic and population-based planning i.e. capacity and demand, health inequalities etc.

  • Using data for stakeholder engagement i.e. visualisation, highlighting progress and innovation, storytelling with data etc.

The main findings and recommendations can be found in this document.

Strategic Intelligence Forum write up.



A Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria - Andrea Doherty

Greater Manchester Cancer Workforce - Suzanne Lilley

HEE Cancer Workforce - Laura Roberts, Director of Development & Participation,
Cancer and Diagnostics Programme SRO and Ian Wheeler, Deputy Head of Workforce Planning


CRUK: Cancer Intelligence Treatment - Rosie Hinchliffe

National plans for treatment analyses - Lizz Paley, Partnerships Analytical Lead


National Cancer Registration an Analysis Service - Lizz Paley, Partnerships Analytical Lead

Exploring Variation Using a Pathway Tool - Stephen Scott, Head of Informatics

Reducing Variations in Lung Cancer Pathway - Donna Chung, Head of Centre for Cancer Outcomes, North Central and East London Cancer Alliance

Early Diagnosis

Early Diagnosis: CRUK Stragetic Intelligence Forum - Amy Lee, CADEAS Lead


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The Strategic Intelligence Forum builds on the 2018 CRUK networking and expertise sharing event for Cancer Alliances’ strategic leads. National level organisations presented plans for data and intelligence provision to Cancer Alliances and in return Cancer Alliances showcased their intelligence driven projects as well as evidence-based work. 

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