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CRUK hosted a networking and expertise sharing event for Cancer Alliances’ strategic leads on Wednesday 17 January 2018 in Birmingham.

The day included:

  • Peer discussion
  • Local showcases
  • Expert panel

Confirmed presentations from national organisations

  • NCRAS on planned work for Cancer Alliances
  • NHS Digital on access to data
  • CADEAS (Cancer Alliance Data, Evidence and Analysis Service) on general approach to providing intelligence support to Cancer Alliances

Confirmed showcases from Cancer Alliances

  • National Cancer Vanguard: North West and South West London will talk about Pan-London and Manchester metrics
  • East of England Cancer Alliance will describe how they developed intelligence around understanding variation in breast and colorectal pathways
  • National Cancer Vanguard: Greater Manchester will explain how their Local Informatics Support unit works
  • South England will demonstrate their dashboard that works across several Cancer Alliances’ borders
  • National Cancer Vanguard: North Central and North East London will share work around intelligence for cancer pathways and the work of their Cancer Outcomes centre

Panel members

Jem Rashbass - National Director for Disease Registration and Cancer Analysis, PHE Cancer Lead

Lucy Elliss-Brookes - Head of Cancer Analysis, NCRAS, PHE

Amy Lee - CADEAS Lead, National Cancer Transformation Programme

David Cronin - NHS Digital

Sarah Allen - Macmillan

Michael Chapman - Director of Information and Involvement, Cancer Research UK


10:00   Tea and coffee and registration

10:30   Welcome

10:45   NCRAS presentation

11:05   Showcase: Pan London and Greater Manchester metrics (Stephen Scott)

11:20   Discussion: Data and intelligence requirements of Alliances

12:00   Showcase: East of England – understanding variation in breast and colorectal pathways (Rory Harvey)

12:15   NHS Digital presentation

12:30   Lunch

13:15   Showcase: South of England cancer dashboard (Jonathan Miller)

13:30   Discussion: Intelligence support for clinical and operational decisions

14:00   Showcase: Establishing a local cancer intelligence service (Catherine O'Hara)

14:15   Showcase: Centre for Cancer Outcomes at UCLH (Donna Chung and Mick Peake)

14:30   Discussion: Creating and using analytical capacity and the role of local data

15:00   CADEAS presentation

15:10   Panel discussion

16:00   Thank you

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