Our work supporting cancer informatics transformation in Scotland

The Scottish Cancer Intelligence Framework (SCIF) aims to ensure that Scotland makes best use of its rich cancer data assets to drive improvements in health outcomes. Through improved use of informatics, data analytics and digital health this transformation of data assets is enabling a data-driven approach to the delivery and monitoring of cancer care, as well as enabling wider research using data generated through the provision of cancer care in Scotland.

CRUK/The Cancer Intelligence team has been partnering with Scotland’s Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP) since 2016 to support the development and delivery of this transformational initiative. Our contributions have included the provision of programme management, developing a framework and toolkit for capturing impact and transferable learning, and through sharing data analysis methodological approaches.

Recently the programme reached a series of milestones and the major SCIF initiatives are embedded within and delivered through Public Health Scotland via the Scottish Cancer Registry and Intelligence Service (SCRIS), which was itself established through the SCIF.

Patient clinical care can now be based on the availability of much more extensive and timely information to improve health outcomes and the quality of health care.  NHS Scotland organisations are aligned around the vision for national cancer data needs, which has reduced fragmentation and duplication of effort.

This is great news for the cancer community in Scotland and we congratulate the IHDP and Public Health Scotland on their achievements.

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