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Campaign Materials

Skin cancer briefing sheets and marketing materials (e.g. leaflets and posters) are available on the resources and tools page.

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A local pilot campaign to raise the awareness of the signs of skin cancer ran in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset from the 16 June to the 27 July 2014.

Over the last three years we've worked with local NHS teams around the country to devise and develop campaigns to improve the early diagnosis of cancer by promoting awareness of signs and symptoms of some common cancers.

This was the first Be Clear on Cancer skin cancer campaign and we hope it encouraged anyone with a persistent or unusual change to their skin to go and see their GP as soon as possible.

This section provides information relevant to GPs and practice teams as well as other health professionals, public health teams and community based partners.

Be Clear on Cancer statement

Be Clear on Cancer  is a cancer awareness campaign led by Public Health England, working in partnership with the Department of Health and NHS England. This page contains links to documents that we hope you find useful. Please note however that the views or opinions expressed within those links are not necessarily those of Cancer Research UK.

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