Sustainable shopping: Keep clothes in use for longer and help beat cancer

Sustainable shopping


Donate or shop with us to help give pre-loved clothing the chance of a new lease of life whilst helping fund life-saving cancer research.


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Did you know that we buy more clothes per person in the UK than any other country in Europe? And even though we’re pretty good at donating, around 336,000 tonnes of clothing still ends up in household bins every year destined to be burnt or buried. 

At Cancer Research UK, we already help give around 25,000 tonnes of pre-loved items the chance of a new lease of life each year through our shops and online marketplaces, but this is not enough. 

Help us do more. By donating your quality, pre-loved items or buying from our shops and marketplaces, you’ll not only help to keep products and materials in use for longer, making the most of energy and resources used to make them – but you’ll also be raising much-needed cash for life-saving cancer research. 

Last year, our shops and marketplaces generated a record £78m from items generously donated by our supporters – enough to fund all four of our research institutes for more than three months! 


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