Returning to our shops as a volunteer

Preparing to reopen our shop doors to beat cancer

Following government advice, we're reopening our shops from Monday 29 June 2020.

This is an uncertain time for everyone, and things are changing every day. If you volunteer in our shops, you'll have questions about what our stores reopening means for you.

Important information about returning as a shop volunteer

Your shop manager will be getting in touch with you soon to discuss your return and any questions you may have.

If you don't feel safe returning as a volunteer yet, please let them know. Your safety is our priority, so we only want you to volunteer with us again when you're ready.

It is crucial that you do not return to volunteer if:

  • you or someone you live with has symptoms of COVID-19
  • you are classed as extremely vulnerable

Our new health and safety measures

We're introducing the following things in all stores: 

  • protective gloves and face coverings 
  • cough guards at till points 
  • hand sanitisers at the doors

To follow social distancing guidelines, we will be: 

  • letting a limited number of people into the shop at one time 
  • closing our fitting rooms 
  • isolating donated items for at least 72 hours before processing them 
  • reducing our opening hours 

We'll also be regularly cleaning the stores (more so than usual) and will be paying attention to 'high traffic' areas such as tills and chip-and-pin machines. 

There will be signs in all stores to explain these measures and help everyone to adjust to the new rules. We'll also be monitoring the situation and making changes as needed. 

Volunteering if you're vulnerable

If you fall into the vulnerable group, your shop manager will be in touch to determine whether it is safe for you to return as a volunteer. The vulnerable group includes people who are over 70, pregnant, or have an underlying health condition. 

But if you have been identified as extremely vulnerable, we would advise you to follow government guidance to stay at home and not volunteer. This is also in line with the guidance of the Charity Retail Association (CRA). If you are classed as extremely vulnerable you should have been told so by a letter or your GP. 

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