Telephone interview – Have you needed legal advice as a result of a cancer diagnosis or treatment?

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As a result of a cancer diagnosis or treatment (yourself or your loved ones) in the last 18 months, have you felt you needed any legal advice? Then we would love to hear from you. By sharing your experience, you will help us improve our offer for people affected by cancer. 

I would like to take part in this telephone interview

About this opportunity:

There can be a lot of administration and uncertainty that comes with a cancer experience.

We are currently looking to understand the needs of people living with and beyond cancer, with a focus on the legal challenges that may arise as a result of a cancer diagnosis.

If you are and have needed to seek legal help (whether you pursued this or not), we would like you to participate in a one-off 30-minute telephone interview.

This telephone interview will help us understand what specific legal needs you had during your cancer experience. As well as what challenges, if any, you faced when finding solutions to them.

We will use your insight to build a better understanding of the legal administration that arises as a result of cancer.

Closing date: Closed

Location: Phone, Anywhere

Payment and Expenses: N/a

Time commitment: One-off 30-minute telephone interview

If you have a question about this opportunity, please contact one of the team by email, or call 0203 469 8777.


I would like to take part in this telephone interview

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