Survey – Share your experience of genetic testing following a cancer diagnosis


About this opportunity

Northern Genetics Service at the Centre for Life would like to understand how people affected by cancer (patients, carers, families) feel about genetic testing following a cancer diagnosis. This will give a better understanding to the needs of people affected by cancer, and tailor support for those offered genetic testing in future.  

Genetic testing for the changes in genes that we know give a higher chance of developing cancer is increasingly becoming part of the diagnostic pathway in cancer care. However, the impact of a genetic test is much broader than medical management of a condition or those at risk of a condition. It can deeply affect individuals psychologically and socially and change family dynamics and relationships.  

Evaluating the impact of offering genetic testing in the cancer setting on patients and their families will help identify need and inform the development of support resources to enhance care. 

Northern Genetics Service would like to ask people affected by cancer their views, to help better support those who will be offered genetic testing in future. 

If you would like any more information or have any questions, please contact Lorraine Cowley.

Closing date: Monday 15 June 2020

Location: Online, Anywhere

Payment and Expenses: N/a

Time commitment: A one-off, 20-30 minute survey  

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