Study - Food solutions for cancer patients


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There are two ways to get involved depending on the group you belong to:


The study will involve: Attending a single two-hour online focus group or interview session on a secure online platform that will be audio and video recorded (for cancer patients who require or have required texture-modified foods as a result of their treatment and oncology healthcare professionals).  

Who is the target audience? Cancer Patients (18 - 70 years old) that require or have required texture-modified foods due to their treatment OR Healthcare professionals (18 and above) of adult cancer patients that require texture-modified foods or any form of diet modifications. 

Time Commitment: One-off online focus group/interview session lasting for not more than 2 hours. 

Location: Online, anywhere 


The study will involve: Tasting three food products and completing an online questionnaire for each product over a two-week period at home (for cancer patients currently experiencing taste and smell alterations).   

Who is the target audience? Cancer Patients (18 -70 years old) that are currently experiencing taste & smell alterations due to their treatment. 

Time commitment: Tasting and evaluating three different food products over a 2-week period. 

Location: In your home

Closing date: Closed

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