Questionnaires to measure treatment satisfaction and symptoms

electronic survey

Type of activity: Online/telephone interview and/or survey

Organised by: Health Psychology Research Ltd

Location: Online, anywhere

Time commitment: Interview up to one hour and/or survey of up to 30 mins

Payment and Expenses: No payment is offered

Looking for: People who are 18 years or over. Currently undergoing treatment or have had treatment for cancer in the past 2 years. Have English as a first language

Closing date: Sunday 31 December 2023


Health Psychology Research are developing two new questionnaires to measure satisfaction and dissatisfaction with cancer treatment and the presence and impact of symptoms of cancer and its treatment.

Cancer and its treatment can impact people’s lives in lots of different ways. These new questionnaires will help health professionals identify the most promising new treatments for cancer and make the best use of existing treatments in routine care.

You'll be invited to take part in an interview via telephone or video-link and asked about your experience of cancer treatment and any symptoms you have had. You will also be asked to complete and provide your views on draft versions of the Cancer Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire (CancerTSQ) and the Cancer Symptom Rating Questionnaire (CancerSRQ). If you do not wish to take part in an interview, or if we have enough volunteers, we may ask you to complete the questionnaires only.

If you would like to take part or have any questions please contact the Health Psychology Research (HPR) team.  Email: Dr. Michelle Taylor Telephone: 01784 818888 (if there is no answer, leave a message and someone will call you back).

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