Shaping the Bobby Moore Fund’s Walking Football event

Last year, we asked people affected by cancer to help us to shape a new local volunteering role for the Bobby Moore Fund’s Walking Football events. The aim of the role was to raise awareness of bowel cancer health messaging at our events, whilst also inspiring people to fundraise for us. The insight we gained by talking with people affected by cancer helped us to plan an effective and engaging volunteering role and to deliver a compelling pitch to the Football Association which resulted in a two-year extension of our partnership.

How you helped

Initially, over 30 people affected by cancer responded to a survey to share their experiences of receiving health messages at live events. This feedback then helped us to create a follow up consultation with Cancer Research UK's Cancer Insights Panel.

The feedback we received from the group helped us to clearly define the purpose and scope of the volunteering role. Some of the feedback included:

  • To shorten the volunteering role title to make this more engaging.
  • To give the volunteer role a clear purpose – with the aim of encouraging fundraising from participating teams at the events, whilst also sharing simple but effective health messages.
  • To provide training and continued support for volunteers.
  • To produce resource packs and to arrange regular catch-up calls with volunteers and their local County FA.
  • To ensure we provide competitive and non-competitive tournament options to each County FA. This was a crucial insight to fit with the FA’s campaign statement of being “For All”.

Involving volunteers as an integral part of a partnership proposal wasn’t something we had considered before. It proved to be a huge success. Whilst primary organising responsibility will sit with each participating County FA, observations from the Panel gave us the confidence that there would be significant interest in this role. People affected by cancer played a crucial role in the success of our extended partnership with the FA and we’re excited to working more closely with you on these events when they launch this summer.

Love football? Want to get involved in our events?

This July/August our Walking Football tournaments will kick off across the UK, with a grand finale in London in September. If you’re interested in getting involved at these events either as part of a team or as a Fundraising and Health Engagement volunteer, please contact

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