Review of patient information for a new clinical trial in lymphoma and leukaemia

We are preparing to start a new clinical trial for patients with lymphoma and leukaemia. We need your help to improve the information we provide to explain the study to people who may take part.

Opportunity deadline: 30th January 2016

Opportunity start date: 6th January 2016

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We are preparing to start a new clinical trial for patients with B-cell lymphoma or leukaemia. Each person who is invited to take part by their doctor will be given a patient information sheet to read. This information sheet explains things like what the reason for the research is, what the trial involves, what the risks are and who to contact if there are any issues. We are keen to provide information to patients that is useful and easy to understand.

We would like people affected by leukaemia or lymphoma who have previously been asked to take part in a clinical trial to read the patient information sheet and provide us with feedback to help us see how we could improve the document. The review can be conducted via email.

To take part, please email Helen Turner on 

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