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Sylvia joined the Cancer Campaigns Ambassador Programme in 2013. At the time, someone close to her had successfully completed treatment for cancer so she was very passionate about getting involved.

Sylvia took an active role in the 'Setting the Standard' campaign, which resulted in MPs voting in favour of plain, standard cigarette packs in March 2015. This successful campaign, preventing young people from taking up smoking, was in part achieved through the influence of our Cancer Campaigns Ambassadors. Sylvia talked to us about why political campaigning matters to her, alongside the actions she took and the people she met along the way.

What motivated you to volunteer as a Cancer Campaigns Ambassador?

The role is very motivating. I meet people from different walks of life. It triggers creativity in how I should take the right approach to talking to different people. I also enjoy that I am able to do it at my own time and pace. There is also the joy and satisfaction I experience from volunteering. In short - the kind of volunteering I do keeps me intellectually stimulated.

What actions did you take during the 'Setting the Standard' campaign?

It was quite a busy time, as, on top of my Ambassador role, I was actively delivering health awareness workshops in Croydon, Lewisham, Sutton and Wandsworth. Regardless of this, over the course of the campaign, I got petitions signed and I sent letters to my MP and MEPs. As an extra, I also wrote to a Peer I know within the House of Lords. I also promoted the campaign everywhere I had opportunity to do so, particularly on a one to one basis.

What was your highlight for the 'Setting the Standard' campaign?

My highlight was Parliament Day in July 2014, where I was able to meet over a hundred other Campaign Ambassadors who alongside me, showed their passion to set the standard to protect our children. Commitment showed by many of our MPs was unbelievable and I had never seen anything like that before. It really instilled a strong sense of belonging.

What would you say to people thinking of becoming a Cancer Campaigns Ambassador?

It is a very exciting experience where you get as much as you put in. Being a Campaigns Ambassador brings out your hidden talents that may surprise you and make you stronger - you could be bolder an go to places where you would never dream of and make your voice heard.

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