Lorna's story

Lorna lives with her husband Andy and 2 teenage sons in Lincolnshire. She was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer at the age of 43 in October 2013. As well as being an active member of her local cancer support group and a volunteer book reviewer for Macmillan, Lorna is one of our Policy and Information Sounding Board members. 

As one of our sounding board members, she told us why she’s so passionate about ensuring that people affected by cancer have the opportunity to work together with professional or research bodies like Cancer Research UK. 

Since being diagnosed with cancer, I felt myself enter a whole different world in many respects; one that was at times alien, frightening and full of uncertainty, not just for me but for family and friends too. Being invited to a local cancer support group by my Clinical Nurse Specialist made a positive difference to my own experience as a patient. It also led to the realisation that as patients we have opportunities to use our personal insight and experiences to improve services and resources for others similarly affected by cancer. 

When I read about Cancer Research UK’s Patient Sounding Board I knew I had to get involved! To me, it seemed an ideal opportunity to make a positive contribution to the strategic development of Cancer Research UK’s work.  By working alongside their staff and other patients to inform and influence their work, we can help to ensure it continues to reflect the needs and priorities of people affected by cancer.  We have so much to learn from each other!

On a personal level, I have been made to feel so welcome in joining the Patient Sounding Board.  I feel  proud to be involved in the work of the Sounding Board and would encourage anyone to get involved in Cancer Research UK's work.”  

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