Cancer Insights Panel

What is the Cancer Insight Panel

We want to work closely with you to ensure the work we do represents and reflects the needs of all people affected by cancer.

examples on what they would do at a meeting, how long a meeting would be and when etc (2 months).  

How do I become a panel member

We recruit 6 new members each year that will sit on the panel for a two year period.  This means that when you arrive as a new panel member, you will have 6 people who have a years worth of experience, who will be happy to get you and settled in.  In total this means each Cancer Insights Panel has a total of 12 panel members.

Recruitment for this takes place in March with the new applicants starting in June. Our 2019-2020 recruitment period has now closed, if you would like to stay connected with us and find out more about all types of patient involvement we have a special involvement network. Join to be inboxed all current opportunites we have, this includes our Cancer Insights Panel when it is live.

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