Lorraine, Relay For Life Peterhead Event Chair

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lorraine (second from left) wanted to find a way to help make sure more people benefited from life saving research into cancer.

“Whilst my great friend Joyce and I were going through treatment for breast cancer, her family decided to put in a team to Relay For Life Peterhead and they invited me to join. Joyce and I wanted to help others just as we had been helped by the great work of Cancer Research UK.”

After joining her local Relay event in 2009, Lorraine was made Event Chair of Relay For Life Peterhead in 2013.

“The committee and I are now dedicated to accelerating research progress and helping others who hear the words “I’m sorry, it’s cancer”.

What Lorraine does

As committee chair, Lorraine volunteers her time to help recruit teams, committee members and survivors for their annual Relay For Life event and the Candle of Hope ceremony. She also plans and delivers team meetings, writes newsletters and is on hand for any requests or to offer advice to others in the committee. 

“All you need is enthusiasm, dedication and an interest in helping others! I have loads of energy to encourage my team and I always try to do my best for Relay For Life and Cancer Research UK. I thrive on being part of a team and our committee is terrific - we all realise that we’re doing this to save lives and that’s what drives us on.”

What the committee does

The Relay For Life Peterhead committee work tirelessly to encourage year round fundraising locally, culminating in an annual event which the whole community are passionate about! In 2014, the event attracted over 600 people of all ages and raised over £200,000 – in fact Peterhead became the first Relay For Life in the UK to raise over £1m for Cancer Research UK. 

Lorraine’s volunteering highlights

 “I have gained so many friends from being part of Relay For Life, including people from other Relays in the UK and across the world. I have been able to develop my skills and now have a far better understanding of the great work that Cancer Research UK do!

Beating cancer sooner means so much to me, and I have a great empathy with anyone affected by cancer. The sooner we find treatments and preventions the better it is for all.

To those people thinking about volunteering with Cancer Research UK - do it now! It’s a fun, humbling experience and fantastic way to meet amazing people all united in an amazing cause”.

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