Ben Protheroe, Shop Volunteer

“Hi! My name is Ben and I’m a Criminology student who has just started volunteering at Cancer Research UK in Southampton. After hearing about the BBC Radio 1 #1millionhours initiative I decided that volunteering would be a good opportunity for me to gain new experiences, develop my skills - and earn some karma points while doing so!’

Ben’s first day in the shop

“While I expected my first day at the store to be the usual form filling and shop floor tour, it was so much more awesome than that!

Only 5 minutes after being introduced to my amazing Shop Manager, she springs the most unexpected question on me, “Hey Ben, fancy dressing up as a yellow Crayola in the name of charity?”

Next thing I know, we’re outside the shop raising awareness of the amazing volunteer opportunities, events and projects that Cancer Research UK are offering - all while dressed as a crayon - the perfect volunteering shift if you ask me!

This was a great start to my induction into the shop, where I learnt about the incredible work that Cancer Research UK are doing – and just how volunteers are helping make that happen. My shop have even partnered with a local college to get more students involved in volunteering by creating new, creative roles to get involved in.”

Ben’s advice to anyone thinking about volunteering

“Do it! My first day was fantastic and I met some great people - if this anything to go on, volunteering is going to be a lot more fun than I thought.

I would encourage everybody and anybody to get involved if they can spare the time.”

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