Meet our volunteers

Meet some of our amazing volunteers and find out what they say about their experiences.

Debbie, Volunteer of the Month - November 2016

"I wanted to beat cancer however I could, so that one day we can make the whole world free of it." Read Debbie's story 

Jonathan, Volunteer of the Month - August 2016

"Being unable to help my Mum empowered me to join the fight against cancer on a much bigger scale." Read Jonathan's story

Bev, Volunteer of the Month - July 2016

"The main thing I have gained from volunteering is a Race for Life family". Read Bev's story

Jo, Volunteer of the Month - May 2016

Having seen the devastating effects of cancer first hand, Jo is determined to raise funds and awareness for Cancer Research UK. Read Jo's story

Linda and David, Joint Volunteer of the Month – April 2016

Linda and David have been volunteering at Cancer Research UK events in their local area for many years, supporting Race for Life, Pretty Muddy and most recently, the Snowflake Run. Read Linda and David’s story

Richard, Volunteer of the Month – March 2016

Richard has beaten Lymphoma twice and is now passionate about raising both funds and awareness for Cancer Research UK. Read Richard's story

David, Volunteer of the Month – February 2016

David, a volunteer with our Elm Park Shop in Essex, is besotted by books and our brilliant February Volunteer of the Month. Read David’s story

Lily, Volunteer of the Month – January 2016

Lily was a standout volunteer when she took part in the Autumn 2015 internship intake and supported the Kids and Teens campaign team.  Read Lily’s story


Nick, Cancer Campaigns Ambassador

“If you feel strongly enough about the cause and want to make a difference, then volunteering is a no brainer!” Read Nick’s story

Tom, Relay For Life volunteer

“Volunteering helps you see life from another angle and you appreciate things a lot more.” Read Tom's story

Lauren, Cancer Campaigns Ambassador

“Without advances in cancer treatments my mum wouldn't be here.” Read Lauren's story

Kirsti, Race for Life volunteer

“It’s impossible to explain the buzz you get from volunteering, but I guarantee if you sign up once you will want to do it over and over again.” Read Kirsti's story

Francesca, Sports event volunteer

“It’s been so uplifting to see so many people support the charity, and that in return gives so much support to those affected.” Read Francesca's story

Ben, Shop Volunteer

‘While I expected my first day at the store to be the usual form filling and shop floor tour, it was so much more awesome than that!’ Read Ben's story

Nigel, Shop Volunteer

After losing his wife to cancer, Nigel was on the lookout for a challenge where he could use his skills to really make a differenceRead Nigel's story

Lorraine, Relay For Life Peterhead Event Chair

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lorraine wanted to find a way to help make sure more people benefited from life saving research into cancer. Read Lorraine's story

Alex, Highly Skilled Volunteer (Citizen Science)

“Leaving a legacy isn’t just saying, “I’d like to leave you some money.” It’s saying, “I’d like to leave you some money, but I’d like to be involved in what you're doing. I’d like to feel that I’m part of the charity, your work and your progress.” Read Alex's story.

Ann, Ambassador of the Year, Flame of Hope 2015

"Cancer always seems to happen to someone else, but when it does suddenly hit you, your life depends on the work, research and treatment Cancer Research UK makes possible. For that I am eternally grateful." Read Ann's story.

Nick, Race for Life and CRUK Shop volunteer

Nick, who has been volunteering for Cancer Research UK since 2006, is a fantastic example of the dedication and passion that our volunteers have for ganging up on cancer together. Read Nick's story.

Anthony, Shine volunteer

"I wanted to do something different with my Saturday evening,” he said. “I liked the idea of getting out and meeting new people without having a massive hangover on Sunday morning! Read his story.

Rosa Macpherson

Cancer Campaigns Ambassador Rosa Macpherson, talks about why she became an Ambassador. Watch the video below to find out more. 


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