Collections Guidance for Coordinators

Thank you for organising a collection!

On this page you'll find everything you need to know about our new Collections website and what you'll need to do as a coordinator of a collection.


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What's it all about?

We know that having a full rota of people helping at a bucket collection means that more money can be raised. But finding enough people to help can be tricky. So we've developed a brand new site to help with recruiting extra collection volunteers. 

When? From September, anyone interested in volunteering can sign up to get sent alerts letting them know when we need their help at a collection. 

What? After someone signs up, they'll be sent an email when there's a collection near to them. If they want to sign up, they just need to give some basic information and then it's over to you to arrange the finer details of the collection day with them. 

Before your collection

You can find all collections which have been arranged by Cancer Research UK on the site. These include collections for our campaigns such as Stand Up to Cancer and World Cancer Day.

If you have arranged a collection locally and want it added to the site for people to sign up and volunteer, get in touch with your staff contact. 

When you have enough volunteers for your collection and don't need to recruit anymore get in touch with your staff contact to have your collection removed from the site.

We'll take your collection off the website a couple of days before it takes place to give you time to get in touch with all the new volunteers before the day.  

You'll get an email letting you know when someone has signed up to your collection. The email will include the volunteer's name, email address and emergency contact details. It will also let you know if they are under 18.

What to do next

  1. Get in touch with the volunteer as soon as you can to say hello and arrange a time for them to collect 
  2. Pair them up to collect with an experienced collector
  3. Send them information about the day and what they can expect so they are fully prepared

You might find that some people don't reply. This happens to us too so if you don't hear from the volunteer after a couple of emails attempts, don't worry about contacting them again.

You can use the resources below to help when contacting volunteers.

We'll let you know if a volunteer is under 18. We’ll have got their parent / guardian consent as part of their sign up so you don’t need to worry about getting that again.

When arranging a collection slot with them

  1. Pair them up with a responsible adult (if possible two adults)
  2. Make sure they are not left by themselves at any point during the collection

It's important we protect supporter’s data, because we have legal and moral obligations to the people we work with, and because failing to protect our data could cause damage to our reputation or even result in a hefty fine.

After receiving an email notification, make sure you save the information securely and delete the original email. Ensure that you password protect documents containing personal data. Refer to our Information Security and Data protection Guidance for more information for keeping data safe.

Yes! We'd love you to help us spread the word about collections by sharing the website on your social media channels and with your mailing lists.

Refer to the Cancer Research UK collections guidance or speak to your staff contact.

If you think that a volunteer isn't suitable to collect, get in touch with your staff contact to discuss.

Resources to use when you contact volunteers

Use the information below to help when getting in touch with volunteers.

Top tips for collecting Help volunteers get ready to collect with this advice
Where does the money go? Tell volunteers how their support helps to beat cancer sooner


On your collection day

We hope that the volunteer will tell you in good time that they can't come along to your collection. Try and arrange cover using another volunteer, could someone collect for slightly longer or swap shifts? 

When you're contacting a new volunteer, explain how important their help is on the day and encourage them to arrive on time. Send a reminder to them a couple of days before the collection with everything they need to know about the day.

Let us know who turned up to collect by completing the online form we send the day after your collection. 

  • Ensure all the volunteers know where they are allowed to collect, in line with the permit rules
  • Make sure everyone carries their completed collector card and a copy of the permit throughout the collection

Use buckets instead of goblets to put money in as it's easier for people to donate.

Andy Jackson, Bradford Fundraising Team leader

After your collection

You'll get an email from us the day after your collection asking for details about how it went.

  • We'll be asking out of the volunteers who signed up online, who turned up to collect. This is really important information to us as we want to know the impact our new site is having
  • Once we know who collected, we'll send an email to those volunteers to thank them for collecting
  • We’ll also send an email to people who didn’t show up asking to give us feedback 

There will also be an opportunity for you to give feedback. We'd love to know what you think so please let us know!

Get in touch to say thanks and to let the volunteers know how much was raised.

You can ask the volunteers if they'd be interested in hearing about your fundraising activities. If they are, add them to your mailing list. If they haven’t asked to hear from you again, please don’t contact them. We have to be careful with data protection and we’re not able to get in touch people unless they’ve asked to be contacted.