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Cancer Research UK is seeking committed individual to take on the exciting role of promoting and organising the moving Candle of Hope ceremony at a Relay For Life.
Cancer Research UK Relay For Life is a celebration of the communities fight against cancer as the teams fundraise in the months leading up to the event.
Each Relay is an overnight, community-led, non-athletic event where teams set up camp and take it in turns to walk around a track for up to 24 hours to signify that ‘cancer never sleeps’. Everyone is invited to come along and celebrate the lives of Cancer Survivors, remember those lost to the disease and show their support of Cancer Research UK's vital work and the day itself has a carnival atmosphere
The Relay event is structured around three Ceremonies – an Opening Ceremony, a Closing Ceremony and a Candle of Hope Ceremony. The Candle of Hope Ceremony takes place at dusk and involves the placing of ‘Candles of Hope’ (bags filled with sand and a glowing candle) around the Relay track. These Candles of Hope are dedicated in celebration of a loved one who currently has cancer or in remembrance of someone who has died from cancer. A compassionate and capable individual is needed to promote the dedication of Candles of Hope and co-ordinate this Ceremony.

What will I be doing?

  • Promoting and coordinating the dedication of Candles of Hope for your Relay. The donations towards these dedications are an important source of fundraising for Teams and a way of drawing in the whole community to the event.
  • Sourcing candles, sand and gas lighters – you could perhaps do this from local businesses that may like to support the event.
  • Recruiting a team of helpers to decorate the Candles of Hope prior to the event, set up and light the Candles at the Relay and clear everything away at the end of the event.
  • Planning and organising the Candle of Hope Ceremony, including choosing appropriate music, poems and speakers to reflect the significance of the Ceremony.

What skills do I need?

  • You’ll need to be thorough and organised for this role, as you’ll have to keep a careful track of each Candle dedicated; all monies received and ensure that every Candle is set out on the night.
  • Imagination: Though there are certain standards for the Ceremony, you will have much creative licence. You should consider inspirational poetry, emotive songs and motivational speakers.
  • You’ll need to be sensitive and tactful as the Candles, dedications and ceremony can be very moving
  • You’ll need the ability and willingness to lead a team of volunteers to help you before the Relay and on the day itself.

How much time do I need to commit?

You will be expected to attend a training day. You will need to start promoting the dedication of Candles of Hope as soon as you can prior to the Relay and will need to attend all Relay For Life Committee meetings (these will probably be monthly and then weekly as the Relay approaches). You’ll will be expected to be present for the duration of the Relay.

What support will I be given?

You will receive training on the Candle of Hope role. Everyone on the Relay Committee will help by playing their part in promoting the dedication of Candles of Hope and as well as being part of an enthusiastic and supportive Committee, your Staff Contact will provide you with the Candle of Hope bags and a template for a Candle of Hope dedication form.

What benefits can I expect?

Leading in the Candle of Hope role for your Relay will harness and develop the skills and experience you possess and will result in a tremendous achievement. You will play a major part in bringing your community together in a safe environment to unite against cancer and the money raised will help Cancer Research UK beat cancer which can be extremely rewarding. The Relay itself is fun and a great way to meet people and make friends with people in your community
You will be involved in one of the most memorable and emotional parts of Relay and your role will certainly inspire others to get more involved in the next event

Where will I be based?

Much of the organisational work involved in this role can be completed from home, although the role will require you to seek opportunities to get out and about to promote the Candles in your community. You will also be attending committee meetings and working with volunteers to decorate the Candles both require being ‘out and about’ in the community.


Please fill in our online form. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Gray your Local Fundraising Manager via or 07766 902004

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