Julie's story

Lauren and Julie

Our media volunteers help raise awareness of cancer and the work of CRUK. Julie Honey and her daughter Lauren appear in our 2015-16 Annual Review, talking about Julie’s recent diagnosis and treatment, and Lauren’s support and work as a Cancer Campaigns Ambassador. Julie explains why she took part.  

“I really like helping with awareness and speaking to people. Cancer can still be seen as a dirty word and people think it’s a death sentence, but treatments have improved. As a media volunteer, you can help by talking about research and progress."

How did you get involved with the Annual Review?

I had a phone call from the Media Volunteer Liaison team to start with. I had already helped with a regional news story for World Cancer Day which went well, and then I was asked if Lauren and I might be willing to be in the Annual Review.
At first, we knew that it might not happen as the team explained it can be difficult to be sure in the early stages of projects, but I was pleased it did all work out. I did an interview on the phone initially, and then we had a photographer who came to take some pictures. A bit later, we made a film too, and I must admit that was quite fun.

What have you enjoyed about being a media volunteer?  

It has been nice to be asked for my perspective and feel that this really matters – I hope people going through cancer can really relate to my experience. And it was lovely to be doing it all with Lauren too. The Media Volunteer Liaison team have all been respectful, they are really interested in your experience and telling it in the right way, and I did not feel pushed at any point.

Would you recommend it to others?

I definitely would and we have really enjoyed the media volunteer work. I would be happy to do more but I know it can be a bit unpredictable too, as suitable opportunities can come and go.
For me, it has also been nice to talk about Lauren being an Ambassador as that is another way to be involved. Lauren really enjoys the lobbying work and it is a different type of volunteering and giving something back.

What do other people think about your volunteering?

They have been really supportive and it has been good to hear the feedback from family and friends, but also from strangers too.
Overall I think it has all definitely helped me move forward with dealing with my own diagnosis. It has helped me understand what I have been through, so that has been really good – I hadn’t  really expected that at all.  

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Applying to be a media volunteer will take about 30 minutes. Before you start, please have details of your cancer experience, diagnosis, and treatments (as applicable) on hand.

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