Patient Involvement highlights 2023-24, so far...

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Everything we do has patients and all people affected by cancer at its heart and your hard work ensures that we keep your voices central to how we do our business. Here’s some highlights since April this year so you can see the tangible impact you’re having.

  • 72 new panel members and 147 new network members.
  • One-third of the network are under 30, and a quarter are from a minority ethnic background.
  • Between April and October, panel and network members have taken part in 48 different opportunities.
  • People affected by cancer have been central to our research and innovation work, helping us to recruit staff, present at conferences, collaborate with leading scientists, and help us codesign and deliver discussions across the drug development cycle.
  • We’re keen to ensure our marketing campaigns, especially ones that feature real patients, resonate with people affected by cancer whilst having the impact we need them to. We’ve worked with people affected by cancer to help influence ‘We Are’ Integrated TV adverts and the Race For Life Brand Refresh.
  • People affected by cancer have been integral in developing the content of CRUK’s Manifesto of Cancer Research & Care helping to shape the top pledges and title, how we talk about the Manifesto to the public, and the Longer, better lives campaign. 

2024 is going to be a really exciting time for CRUK and we can’t wait to go on this journey with you.