Triathlon top tips

1) BUILD YOUR TRIATHLON INTO YOUR COMMUTE: What easier way to clock up the miles for your triathlon than to run or cycle to work? Swimming to work might be a harder task!

2) GET YOUR FRIENDS INVOLVED: Exercise can be much more fun with a group of friends. Why not ask them to join you in October for a swim, bike ride or run? Better still, you could sign up to triathlon together!

3) JOIN YOUR LOCAL FITNESS CENTRE: Gyms will often have all the facilities you need to swim, cycle and run this October. Especially useful when the weather isn’t so great outside.

4) FUEL YOUR BODY: Make sure you eat enough carbs before and after long swims, cycles and runs to keep up your energy levels. Remember to stay hydrated, packing water every time you’re heading out.

5) PLOT YOUR DISTANCES: Whether you’re planning to do your triathlon all in one go, over a weekend or split it up over the month; make sure you know exactly when you’ll fit the miles in.

6) CHECK YOUR SPORTS GEAR: Before setting out it’s important that both your bike and running shoes are fit for the road. Make sure all your bike brakes are working, tyres are pumped, and gears are in check - your local bike shop will be able to help. It is important to have running shoes that fit you well and designed for longer periods of running.

7) WARM UP, COOL DOWN AND STRETCH: Warming up is essential to prepare your body and mind for the swim, cycle or run ahead. Not only will it help loosen your muscles to perform better but will also help prevent unwanted injuries. It’s also important to cool down and stretch after exercise to help your muscles recover.

8) TRACK YOUR PERFORMANCE: There are plenty of free apps on your phone to measure your distance, speed and time. Keep your sponsors updated and keep track of much of your triathlon is left to go this October.

9) BUILD UP YOUR STAMINA: Be realistic when planning out your triathlon and make sure you gradually build up your training, so you don’t burn out at the first hurdle.

10) KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE: Set yourself personal goals and remind yourself that you’re raising money for life-saving research, what more motivation could you need?