Choosing your triathlon distance

Whether you're a beginner triathlete or a seasoned pro. We have a triathlon distances to suit all levels of fitness this October. Check out the distance below and choose a challenge that's right for you.

Sprint Triathlon

A popular choice for first time beginners with the distances being very achievable. If you have a basic level of fitness, and can complete all three distances separately without any problem, then you could then try and train to completing a sprint level all in one go. Where possible, practice a route or complete these distances in your local gym.

750m swim 

20km cycle

5km run

Olympic Triathlon

This is classed as the standard distance for a triathlon and is double the distance of a sprint triathlon if you're looking for more of a challenge. If you've completed one or two sprint triathlons then maybe consider taking it up a level to these distances.

1.5km swim 

40km cycle 

10km run 

Half Triathlon

Also known as a middle distance Triathlon, if you're planning on completing this distance all at once then a few months of training would be needed to avoid any injuries. Remember, you don't have to comp[lete this distance in one go and could break up the amounts over the whole month of October.

1.9km swim 

90km cycle

21.09km run 

Full Triathlon

For those who like a challenge, this is the ultimate Triathlon distance you could choose. We recommend this for those with experience of completing triathlons as it requires a high level of training and fitness if you were to complete it all in one go. Why not set yourself this challenge and break up the distances over the month? You're friends and family would be sure to sponsor you for this epic challenge.

3.8km swim 

180km cycle

42.195km run



Swim-cycle-run the distance of a triathlon your own way this October. Sign up now for everything you need to get started.

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