Swim 10k Challenge - FAQs

Supporters raise money by challenging themselves to swim 10km in whatever way they choose over the month of November. 

 1st – 30th November.

Whilst we encourage everyone to complete this challenge throughout the month of November, this is a personal challenge, and you can start/finish your challenge at a time that is convenient for you.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to visit your local swimming baths, lido, or even outdoor spots, there are lots of ways to complete the challenge and raise money for life-saving research. Ideas include: 

  • Visit your local swimming baths or leisure centre 

  • Visit a local lido 

  • Visit your local lake or loch 

  • Take a dip in the sea 

There are people of all levels of fitness doing this challenge. The important thing is that you're doing something that challenges you. This will vary from person to person, so tailor the challenge however you like. It should be tough, but doable. However, you choose to break down the 10 km, you’ll be helping beat cancer. 

You could choose to break the kilometres up throughout the days/weeks, for example, 2.5km a week over the month. 
To put this in perspective, 2.5km = 100 x 25m lengths, or 50 x 50m lengths. 

If you’re attempting the challenge outdoors, please wear a t-shirt during your challenge to help retain body heat. You may also like to wear other items of clothing, such as a wetsuit to aid buoyancy and make you more comfortable in the water. If in the outdoors (sea, loch, lake, etc) we recommend neoprene gloves and booties. Ultimately you should wear what you are comfortable with and will keep you warm. 

If you are planning to wear a tracking device, make sure it’s waterproof before entering the water.  

It’s important that you’re well prepared for your swim, especially if haven't swum for a while. See below a list of appropriate equipment you might want to consider: 

  • Swimsuit / swim shorts 

  • Goggles  

  • Sunscreen 

  • T-shirt (free from CRUK!) 

  • Ear plugs  

  • Nose clip 

There are many hazards to swimming in a reservoir therefore we advise against using them. 

  • Reservoirs can be deceptively deep with unexpected drops which aren’t visible from outside of the water 

  • Reservoirs are often in isolated places, making it difficult to receive immediate help 

  • Hidden pipes and machinery can be hazardous 

  • The sides can be steep and difficult to get out from 

  • There may be hidden obstacles, rubbish, broken glass, etc that people have discarded, and may cause injury 

  • The temperature tends to be very low 

The minimum age for participation is 16. Anyone under this age should not undertake the Swim 10k challenge. 

  • Supporter can visit the web page to register here (registration = Giving Page and Swimming incentive sent to supporter) 

  • Once they have signed up, they will receive a confirmation email and be prompted to join the Facebook Group 

To join the Facebook group directly, visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6957723564267234

Once you have signed up, join the Facebook Group dedicated to this challenge here. Click 'Join Group'. 

Once you're in, you can complete a form to get your free Swim incentive plus an Online Giving Page to raise money online https://activities.cancerresearchuk.org/swim-10k-challenge-nov-23 You’ll then receive an email with tips for completing the challenge, and part of a group full of other inspiring fundraisers where you can find out anything you want to know about the challenge. 

Strava or Fitbit are free apps that will allow you to track your distance, please bear in mind that if you’re using a tracking device, you should ensure that it’s waterproof! 

*Please note: Sometimes there is a 48-hour lag in the Strava/Fitbit data being updated, and if the kilometres still aren't showing, disconnect and reconnect to do a hard reset and this will add any miles already on the Strava account. 

Use the link below to order your CRUK t-shirt (you’ll also receive a Giving Page to raise money online): 


If you have already placed your order, please allow 10 working days for your t-shirt to arrive. 

If the supporter has registered and ordered their t-shirt on the link above and it's been over 10 days, then please order the supporter at-shirt via web shop.

We trust you! You don’t need to provide evidence that you’ve completed the challenge to us. However, updating your friends and family on your fundraising page is important! 

Make sure you keep them posted on your progress and share videos and photos throughout the month of the challenge – the more updates the better. 

Whilst we will be encouraging most people to take part in November, this is a personal challenge so you can and finish at a time that is more suitable and convenient for you. 

There is not a minimum amount of fundraising that we set for participant, but we recommend you set a reasonable target of raising about £150.

We'll provide a digital certificate at the end of the challenge. Unfortunately, we cannot provide medals, however, you will be able to claim your FREE Cancer Research UK t-shirt ahead of the challenge starting. 

Facebook fundraisers are automatically set up for seven days. To make the most of your fundraising efforts, you just need to change the end date to keep your fundraiser open throughout the challenge. 

To change the end date simply, click ‘More’ under the invite button, then click ‘Edit Fundraiser’

Friends and family will no longer be able to donate to your Facebook Fundraiser once your fundraiser has ended. The end date is automatically set to 7 days after you create your Facebook Fundraiser, so make you set the end date to after the end of November to collect donations throughout the challenge. 

Go to your Facebook Fundraiser page, found in the 'Fundraisers' section on the left hand menu of your News Feed. To change the end date simply, click ‘More’ under the invite button, then click ‘Edit Fundraiser’. 

You can use our sponsorship form to raise money rather than using an online method. Simply download and print off to keep track of all your sponsorship collected or pledged. Once you have completed your fundraising, please send the form with a cheque to:   

Swim 10k, Cancer Research UK, PO BOX 1561, Oxford, OX4 9GZ.  

Please note we are currently experiencing a delay in receiving and processing donations so do bear with us if it takes a little longer than usual to receive an acknowledgment.    

This challenge is specifically a fundraising initiative developed by Cancer Research UK, and therefore all fundraising must go direct the charity.   

Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer. This means Cancer Research UK can claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated, without it costing you or your sponsors an extra penny. If the donation is eligible for Gift Aid, sponsors need to fill out the sponsor form, following the guidelines at the top of the page.  

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