Run 62 Miles Challenge

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Run 62 Miles in July to support life-saving cancer research. Do two miles a day or longer weekend runs, complete the challenge in a way that suits you.

When: July 1 - July 31 2024
Entry fee: Free! You'll receive: 

  • Free Cancer Research UK t-shirt
  • Digital fundraising pack
  • Supportive Facebook community

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How to take part

The difference your fundraising makes

Nearly 1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime*, but your fundraising can make a difference. 

By taking on the Run 62 Miles Challenge, you're supporting the research that helps beat it. 

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£70 could fund a clinical research grant for one day, funding doctors and nurses to find new ways to beat cancer.

Illustration of a cancer nurse and patient

£130 could fund a cancer nurse for one day, giving people confidential cancer support and guidance.

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£170 could fund a trial for one day to test new radiotherapy techniques for treating bile duct cancer.

Image of Anita in a CRUK top

Anita took part in Walk 100 Miles Challenge after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and raised nearly £1000.

In June I was on the internet when Cancer Research UK popped up and having done Race for Life about 10 years ago, I decided to get fit and do the 100 mile walking challenge. My challenge now is to stay fit and continue to eat healthily, as I have done since I was diagnosed, to manage stress and look after myself.  And I am keen to raise awareness of how important early detection can be, and the importance of having fun.


We're here to support you through every mile

We have lots of tips and resources to help you get started, perfect your miles and achieve your fundraising target.

Yes! Each participant will need to register individually but you can take on the challenge as a team and split the activity up as a group, or all complete 62 miles across the month. You can also set up a Team Giving Page and invite other registrants to join via the Cancer Research UK online fundraising site. 

To set up a team: 

  1. All your team will need to sign up to the Run 62 Miles Challenge so they each have their own Online Giving Page 

  1. Once everyone has signed up, log into your account 

  1. Hit the 'Create new team' button and follow the instructions 

  1. Once you've created your team, you can send the team page URL to friends and family so they can join too! 

Find out more here

Yes! If you don’t have Facebook, you can set up a Cancer Research UK Online Giving Page using the link below and collect sponsorship for your Run 62 Miles Challenge here:

Yes, under 18s can take part in this challenge, but we do not market to them and any third-party platform forum (e.g. a Facebook forum) is only available to over 18s. If under 18s are taking part, their parent/guardian must consent to the child’s participation, supervise the challenge and accept responsibility for complying with the challenge rules.

Currently we are unable to accept registration for a child, so the child’s parent/guardian have to register on the child’s behalf. Similarly, if a child wants to raise money online and/or join a forum, the child’s parent/guardian must register for an online fundraising page and/or join the forum on the child’s behalf. 

We trust you! You don’t need to provide evidence that you’ve completed the challenge to us. Updating your friends and family on your online fundraising page is important. Make sure you keep them posted on your progress and share videos and photos throughout July – the more updates the better. Supporters who regularly post their progress raise 40% more on average.